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6-4-2012 Posted by: MikeLikesGames

ACG is pretty fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at the MSU Media Summer Camps. Its a great chance for us to pass on our knowledge to High School and Middle School students that are considering getting into game development. While getting ready for these camps I thought I’d share a few of the websites I use to expand my knowledge

  1. Pixel Prospector
    • Just as their tagline states “The Indie Goldmine”, Pixel Prospector is jam packed with hundreds of resources that not only give you info on how to make games but things like business tips and how to market your game. They have put together a pretty awesome one-stop shop here. It’s also a great place to find out about new Indie Games that are in development or recently released.
  2. Tuts+
    • Before I get too far let me clarify, Tut+ is a network of 11 websites and each website focuses on a different specialty. The two sites that I use quite regularly are Activetuts+ and CGtuts+. About 90% of the tutorials on the sites are free but Tuts+ does have a few premium tutorials that require a paid membership. So far all their free tutorials have been sufficient for me.  Activetuts+ mostly focuses on Flash development but they also venture out into HTML5 and Unity on occasion. CGtuts+ focuses on 3d modeling for all of the top 3d modeling applications.
  3. Digital Tutors
    • First off let me say that Digital Tutors is a Paid website. They do allow for free previews and a few completely free lessons but to really take full advantage of Digital Tutors you will need to pay. But with that said it is 100% worth the cost. No other website I have encountered has the level of polish and amount of tutorials that Digital Tutors has. Also more recently they have started to expand their Unity section which gets me super excited for what they have to come.
  4. Burg Zerg Arcade
    • I’ll be honest Burg Zerg Arcade is pretty new to me, but I am pretty happy with the few tutorials I’ve run through so far. Most of their tutorials are focused on Unity coding, which in my experience is pretty rare. I also feel their tutorials have a really good pace and amount of knowledge for all levels.
  5. Google and YouTube (Duh!)
    • Seriously it nuts how many different tutorials you can find by just searching for them. Trust me, just do it.

Other Sites Worth Mentioning:

This is a list of a few other websites I also use but not as frequently as the ones I have listed above.

  1. Polycount
  2. Unity Cookie
  3. Unity Community Wiki
  4. GoToAndLearn()
  5. Design3
  6. Unity 3d Student



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