Stop SOPA!

1-12-2012 Posted by: MikeLikesGames

The following comments do not reflect the views of any of Adventure Club Games’ clients. These are the views of Adventure Club Games and Adventure Club Games alone.

If you have been on the Internet at all over the past month you have probably heard some discussions of a bill that is currently going through the House called SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act).

We at Adventure Club Games officially state that we are against SOPA.

This bill is intended to do just what is says, stop online piracy. But it does not stop online piracy it does something much worse, it fundamentally breaks the Internet. In short, it allows big brother to shut down any website that they feel infringes on their IP. This can greatly threaten small businesses like our own, since the companies that will make up big brother are more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. The worst part is that this will be accomplished by altering the way domain names work, which can change the way the internet works and is intended.

I highly recommend that you find out more about SOPA and help educate others on how big of an issue this bill is. Here are a few links to learn more and find out what you can do to help stop it:

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    Way to Go duders!

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