First Official Adventure Jam!

8-1-2012 Posted by: RobotAdventure

Next week Monday through Wednesday, Adventure Club Games is holding an internal game jam and we need your help!

The goal of a game jam is to make a game from the ground up in a limited amount of time. And traditionally, to encourage brainstorming, a theme is chosen in the beginning. The theme can be taken any way the developers want be it literal or abstract. And that’s where you come in.

We need themes! And we want you to think of them!

Places, events, objects, colors, moods. Anything that could inspire and offer a basis for an interesting game. Anything from frying pans to confusion to the color orange. Give us any and all ideas. Just please, nothing obscene

So brainstorm and tweet, facebook, or comment below your themes for our game jam. We will release the final list by Monday. On Monday, we will announce the theme. Check in regularly to see how the game is coming along.

Thanks in Advance
Adventure Club Games

P.S. We aren’t doing these so don’t even say them because I know you were going to:

  1. Zombies
  2. Pirates
  3. Ninjas
  4. Aliens
Here is a link to the published google doc for our themes.

  1. I know!:

    mythological monsters! Wait, wait, mythological monsters that battle…stony-faced politicians!

  2. Jon:

    Time Travel
    Higgs Boson
    Ukrainian Mobsters
    Marine Mammals

  3. Joe:


  4. Aaron:


  5. Jake:

    Some More Random Ideas:

  6. Amanda:

    Objects: kites, rockets, hot air balloons, bridges, darts, arrows, vines, magic beans, clouds, footprints, ghosts, vegetables, feathers, bicycles

    Moods: daring, fearful, excited, relaxed

    Colors: marshmallow pink, tangerine, gray, navy blue

    Places/Events/time periods: new world, progressive era, victorian era, british hegemony/royalty, napoleonic France

    People: Napoleon, Jimmy Stewart

  7. TylerL:

    The Odyssey from the perspective of the gods that are failing to stop him. Have Odysseus be kind of an arrogant asshole hometown quarterback sorta thing.

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